This could be an early Huawei P20 prototype with two rear cameras and no notch

The confusion surrounding Huawei’s oft-rumored next flagship smartphone trio is about to go into overdrive, as a massive collection of newly leaked hands-on photos manages to generate more questions than answers.

First, what is it exactly that we’re looking at here? According to Android Authority, which published the pics without revealing their source or the source’s reliability, an “early prototype” of the Huawei P20.

Second and perhaps most importantly, where did the notch and third rear-facing camera lens go? Those were basically our only certainties following several 3D render creations, an apparent FCC confirmation and even some unsubtle official hints. We’re left guessing the P20 Plus (or Pro) will be the lone family member to sport an unusual tri-camera arrangement, while the iPhone X-inspired notch may have been scrapped in the pre-production process.

At the same time, it’s obviously possible today’s images depict a super-early design Huawei ultimately decided to abandon. Or perhaps they’re just good old-fashioned fabrications. Lastly, we wouldn’t even rule out the possibility of the P20 Lite adopting a divisive notch, while the “regular” P20 and plus-sized version go for a more traditional bezel-killing approach.

If this design proves legit in the end, it has a fair chance of succeeding commercially, with rounder edges than the P10, razor-thin screen borders, dual bottom-firing speakers (maybe), and a horizontally-arranged Leica dual cam setup with extra-large imaging sensors.

The prototype is intriguingly missing both a visible fingerprint reader and physical volume buttons, the latter of which are purportedly replaced with virtual controls. As for the former, Huawei could follow Vivo’s suit and embrace in-display fingerprint recognition technology. Either that or rely entirely on “Face ID” authentication.

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