Huawei P11 name back in contention, planned in front of P12

Huawei could turn on a dime with its smartphone branding strategy, but it appears that the company had planned for a potential branch well in advance.

It appears that the company seems to be more heavily leaning on naming its 2018 spring flagship the Huawei P11 rather than the Huawei P20. Both terms were filed over a period in late 2015 and have gone through registration between 2016 through just weeks ago, but it appears that the term “HUAWEI P11” has appeared in more registries than “HUAWEI P20.”

GSMArena claims that while the P20 term has only appeared in the United States, the P11 name has been found in the European Union, Hong KongTaiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We’ve also been able to spot wordmark registrations for “HUAWEI P12” in the US and the EU. That’s in addition to evidence piled up in Huawei’s webpage repository mentioning the HUAWEI P11 and HUAWEI P12 New.

Traditionally, Huawei launches a P-series flagship in the springtime — though we have yet to nail down a time for launch this year — and a Mate series flagship in the fall.

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