Upcoming Huawei P11 could emulate the iPhone X notch… for some reason

China-based smartphone manufacturers have been known to take design, software, hardware and even branding cues from Apple, but as companies like Huawei and Xiaomi move up the industry’s global ranks, you’d expect them to stop “paying homage” to their Western rival.

Unfortunately, while the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro do a reasonably good job of slimming down their screen bezels without cutting any figurative or literal corners, it seems Huawei is exploring the adoption of a divisive notch of sorts for the upcoming P11.

Just like a couple of days ago, we only have circumstantial evidence Huawei’s behind-the-scenes preparations are for a P11 likely to be introduced in the early stages of 2018. But we don’t see what else this “notchy” device, codenamed Emily, could possibly be.

Internal firmware files repeatedly reference a design where a small part of the phone’s top front panel would be blackened out, presumably to fit a selfie camera, earpiece and a couple of other sensors.

At the moment, it appears the Huawei P11 notch, if real, is envisioned as smaller than the iPhone X’s screen cutout, but significantly larger than the Essential Phone’s single black dot.

We still don’t understand why such a compromise would be needed when the Mate 10 Pro is arguably one of the most good-looking flagship phones in the world, with just the right amount of “chin” and “forehead.”

Perhaps Huawei wants to prove it can implement the “feature” better than Apple, or simply experiment with a different design. Either way, expect the P11, aka Emily, to carry model numbers EML-AL00, EML-L09, EML-L29 and EML-TL00 (among others), sporting an awkward 2244 x 1080 display resolution when running notch-optimized apps.

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