It’s finally here, guys, and while it definitely looks similar to the “regular” P10, the jumbo-sized Huawei P10 Plus also includes enough subtle changes to stand on its own two feet and cater to a specific audience.

Not quite as gargantuan as the Mate 9, and ever so slightly smaller than a Pixel XL too, the 5.5-incher manages to accommodate a front-mounted fingerprint sensor without going overboard on the bezels. The rear-facing dual camera setup isn’t identical to the one on the 5.1-inch P10, but the differences aren’t as radical as shutterbugs may have hoped either.

Still, you’re clearly looking at a heavyweight photography champion, not to mention an impressive overall performer, courtesy of a top-shelf Kirin 960 processor and up to 6GB RAM, plus a more than okay audio flagship.

It’s worth highlighting that the screen is both larger and sharper on the Huawei P10 Plus compared to the P10, yet battery life doesn’t seem to be significantly impacted. You also get proper splash resistance certification and the addition of an IR blaster, which are hardly major upgrades, though they do help further set the two apart if you’re undecided between them.

Yes, it’s more than a simple question of size, and as we continue to evaluate the P10 Plus, we may discover other hidden differences and unique selling points. Stay tuned.

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