Huawei P10 First Impressions at MWC 2017 – Sexy Sleek (Video)

Just how did the world’s third most popular smartphone vendor manage to make so little MWC 2017 noise so far, with both the industry’s number one and two players essentially and physically absent from the Barcelona show respectively?

Well, it sure didn’t help that the P10 took so long to end up in the early testing hands of our own Juan Bagnell. But the stylish 5.1-incher is here now to leave a positive “initial” impression, and all we care about starting today is seeing Mr. Bagnell finish his general and camera-focused reviews in a few weeks, hopefully.

Eloquently described as the hot Italian roadster to the Mate 9 heavy-duty diesel truck, the “standard” Huawei P10 pretty much follows the LG G6 in substantially borrowing features from its big brother while seeking to strike a sensible balance between extreme horsepower and easy maneuverability.

Of course, the “graphite black” Android handset in our previewing possession also resembles a certain other ebony device with rounded corners, smooth edges and antenna lines integrated into the metal frame’s curves.

Still, there are plenty of distinctive hardware and software Huawei touches to look forward to, not to mention Kirin 960 processing muscle, further refined Dual Leica imaging prowess, and a commercial rollout that’s actually right around the corner. So far, so good, but it remains to be seen how the Huawei P10 will stand the test of time… and Galaxy S8 imminence.

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