HUAWEI has today announced some key AppGallery milestones and the initiatives it is offering the developer community to boost the growth of its app ecosystem at its annual dev conference. The company revealed that AppGallery now serves over 490 million users in more than 170 countries across the world, with app downloads reaching 261 billion in the first half of 2020. Talking about the developer community, HUAWEI notes that so far, over 1.8 million developers have joined the AppGallery ecosystem, helping integrate more than 96,000 apps with the HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) core. And to serve users more efficiently, HUAWEI is joining hands with local partners to create meaningful use case scenarios across domains such as banking, transportation and navigation among others. 

An underlying priority for AppGallery is reaching the diverse needs of users across different regions and provide them with relevant and quality app services. AppGallery’s ‘Global + Local strategy’ is an innovative approach to app listing that provides consumers with an enhanced experience by focusing on popular local apps.

 Initiatives for developer community 

HUAWEI is attracting more developers to the AppGallery and HMS ecosystem by offering a wide range of initiatives ranging from consultation and brand marketing to in-app exposure boosting tactics. With that in mind, the company is building three global ecosystem cooperation labs in Russia, Poland, and Germany to provide enablement, testing, and certification services for developers. Additionally, five global developer service centers will be established in Romania, Malaysia, Egypt, Mexico, and Russia to support apps that have a focus on creating local experiences. HUAWEI will also offer extensive support for overseas developers looking to enter the Chinese market, and also to those looking to diversify into the global market after launching an app or service in China. 

Talking about the initiatives, HUAWEI will support developers with marketing resources and more favorable revenue-sharing models to help them reach a wider audience. The AppGallery Connect platform will provide 360-degree support to developers ranging from ideation and development to distribution and operation management. Developers will also get exclusive offers to promote their apps via tactics like gift codes and offering rewards for downloading certain apps. Moreover, support systems such as inclusion in recommendation cards will help drive app downloads, while native promotion in the AppGallery will drive awareness about apps.

Success stories

HUAWEI also outlined a host of success stories where the company’s partnership with overseas brands provided a significant boost to engagement and revenue. Take for example Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia with more than 67 million active customers. HUAWEI says that within 11 days of launching its NFC contactless payment system based on HMS, the app recorded over 21 million downloads and its installed device base crossed the 3.2 million mark. Similarly, new AmiGO downloads went up by 22 times in Europe after arriving on the AppGallery, while app activity for Bolt’s ride-hailing service skyrocketed by 136 times after partnering with AppGallery.

Additionally, Kumu – a live stream app targeted at the Philippines market – saw its paid user base increase by 220% and recorded a 40x rise in revenue after launching a marketing campaign with support from HUAWEI. The Chinese company says it has witnessed similar success stories across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific by providing support to developers serving local as well as international audiences.

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