Huawei’s smartphone numbers may have stopped growing, OPPO and Vivo are getting too ambitious

As the world’s most populous country and largest smartphone market, China has become the holy grail for both increasingly ambitious domestic mobile device vendors and top-tier foreign OEMs looking to further expand or just consolidate their global reach.

But merely making a splash in your homeland, even dominating sales around those thriving parts, isn’t enough to propel a smartphone manufacturer to truly universal glory and profits.

Take, for instance, Huawei, which has recently surpassed Apple for the first time in worldwide monthly shipments. That wouldn’t have been possible without a strong retail presence and growing market relevance across several important European nations.

Still, the company behind such international hits as the P9 and Mate 9 continues to struggle stateside, expecting a year-on-year decline in its overall Q2 sales numbers because of that, among other stagnation factors.

We’re not talking a massive slump, just a marginal dip from 32 to 30 million units, but it could be the beginning of a troublesome trend, likely leading to missed internal targets for the whole of 2017.

OPPO and Vivo, meanwhile, are tipped to report surging scores through the end of the year, but their efforts to set up “large-scale retail chains in overseas markets”, as they did domestically, may fall flat in the short to mid term.

Forget wildly enthusiastic goals of selling around 150 million smartphones each in 2017, up from 99 and 77M respectively last year. Those numbers have purportedly been “quietly lowered”, though it’s unclear exactly what digits OPPO and Vivo are now going after.

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