Huawei Nova Plus first look: Premium pretty at a mid-pack price

Instead of employing just one generic design across its many high-end and mid-range Android smartphone families, with minor build quality differences and the most significant distinctions left to the internal department, Huawei seems to understand the meaning of the words “diversity” and “choice” at a much deeper level than other OEMs.

The Nova and Nova Plus, for instance, might be sharing a name, but they actually go in opposite directions in terms of aesthetics. Well, not as much opposite as decidedly different. They’re both as premium as sub-flagships come, one resembling the Nexus 6P (minus vanilla software), with the plus-sized model more closely following the GX8.

Smoothly rounded sides, a softer overall look, sleek chamfered edges, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, relatively slim screen bezels, and we could be easily fooled into deeming the Huawei Nova Plus a spearhead 5.5-inch variant at first glance.

Priced right above the Honor 8, this EMUI 4.1-skinned bad boy will need to impress with its long-term real-life performance to justify the €430 European tag. Before thoroughly reviewing it however, we have to admit our IFA 2016 hands-on preview sure looks promising. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

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