Huawei Nova and Nova Plus are now official with upper mid-range specs, premium designs

You don’t always need flagship products to capture the spotlight at a jam-packed event like Berlin’s IFA trade show, especially if you’re the world’s third most popular smartphone manufacturer, with recent box-office hits in both the premium and mid-end segments.

The Huawei Nova and Nova Plus perhaps bring slightly less impressive specs to the table than what we’re expecting from the Mate 9 and Mate S2, due out later this year, but they build on some great past designs, cater to both men and women (after all), offering stellar bang for your buck.

Not only does the Nova sport a super-high-res, easy to maneuver Full HD 5-inch display, but its bezels are unusually slim, and the stylish rear cover borrows heavily from the much-praised Google-endorsed Nexus 6P.

Huawei Nova Plus

Meanwhile, the 5.5-inch Nova Plus more closely resembles the Mate 8, itself standing out with a high screen-to-body ratio, as well as smoothly rounded corners, a massive 3,340mAh battery, and “best-in-class” fingerprint reader.

But the Huawei Nova also hauls a (circular) blazing fast, ultra-secure fingerprint scanner on its back, with a respectable “all-day” 3,040mAh cell under the hood, Snapdragon 625 processor, and 3GB RAM. 12 and 8MP cameras should handle your (slightly above) average photography needs, though if they don’t, the Nova Plus has you covered with a 16-megapixel main shooter. All for €430 and €400 respectively (the larger model is the pricier one), starting early October in a slew of snazzy paint job options, gold and rose gold included.

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