Huawei Nova 2 shows true colors in leaked promo material, specs and pricing also rumored

Yes, it is already time for an upper mid-range, relatively inexpensive second Huawei Nova generation, or at least it will be in less than two weeks, with a few more promotional posters leaked on Weibo today to reveal some glamour shots of the Android phone in blue and green.

The presumed 5.2-incher looks smoking hot in both snazzy coats of paint, what with its iPhone 7-inspired antenna lines smoothly wrapping around the handheld’s edges, dual rear camera and unusually elegant circular fingerprint reader.

We also catch a quick glimpse of the Huawei Nova 2 in pink (rose gold?), with a couple of young, attractive models, including Chinese pop star Lay, striking a pose to drive the product’s trendiness and fashion focus home.

But the Nova 2 and 5.5-inch or so Huawei Nova 2 Plus may have a bit more going than just a decidedly stylish design. Enter rampant rumors circulating on China’s Twitter equivalent about 20MP front-facing shooters, 12 + 8MP rear arrangements, 1080p screen resolution, and either Kirin 658 or Snapdragon 660 processing power.

It’s sure going to be interesting to see which of those two SoCs will ultimately be adopted, since the original Nova and Nova Plus packed Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 heat, but Huawei might be looking to further push its in-house silicon family.

Finally, we’re hearing the “regular” Nova 2 may cost the rough equivalent of $360 (CNY 2,500), which sounds fair. Not dirt-cheap, but definitely reasonable.

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