We’ve praised Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of phablets time and time and time again. There’s just something about what it does with a slab and a stick that makes using a phone all the more fun and productive. We’ve seen rivals leap out of the woodwork with try-hard wannabe Notes, but they haven’t had as much traction with keeping up the battle for prestige. Well, if we’re hearing correctly from parts manufacturers today, enter Huawei with its own “Note” effort.

The original Ascend Mate, keep in mind, also had a stylus — it just didn’t neatly tuck within the device like any of the Notes did. We have no word on whether or not this new rubber-tipped stylus will take an in-device sleeve, only that Wacom is not involved in providing software or design assistance as the company’s historically worked on the S Pen. Huawei has reportedly come to a domestic supplier. In addition to finger rejection recognition for an active stylus, the company can also configure finger recognition while the stylus is active.

A “component industry official” said that “the price of the digitizer has secured a level that can compete with Wacom’s products as well as to the performance.” The source goes on to say that other OEMs such as Lenovo and ones in the US are interested in the Wacom alternative.

Details remain scarce on the Huawei rumors, though. But let’s give it a thought: are you ready for more pixel pencils or do you think that Samsung has the corner on this market?

Source: Daum (Google Translate)
Via: G for Games

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