Huawei’s mystery ‘newest device’ will go global at MWC 2016 on February 21

Boy oh boy, is next month’s Mobile World Congress shaping up to be a crowded affair, with LG, Sony, OPPO and now Huawei unafraid to confirm their presence in Barcelona for the industry’s largest expo, and Samsung likely waiting for the perfect timing to follow suit.

The same day LG will probably debut the highly anticipated G5 flagship smartphone, Huawei apparently has a “global unveiling” of a new device in store too, though to be honest, we’ve no idea what that might be.

It’s been almost a year since the P8, P8 max and lite saw daylight, so a succeeding trio feels like a good place to start for our guessing games. Then again, extremely credible sources tell us the Huawei P9 will be getting a dedicated announcement event on the heels of MWC 2016.

At the 2015 trade show, the third largest handheld manufacturer on the globe took the wraps off the beautiful Huawei Watch, but a sequel may still be somewhat down the line, given we literally just got two new spin-offs designed for women, and the original took a long time to go on sale anyway.

So yeah, we’ve got nothing. No leads, no hints, not even a teaser image alluding to the nature of “Huawei’s newest device.” Could it be the increasingly plausible 2-in-1 MateBook? An ultra-low-cost fitness tracker following in the footsteps of last year’s TalkBands to give Xiaomi Mi Bands a run for their money? “Just” another dirt-cheap mid-range phone a la the Honor 5X or Honor Holly 2 Plus?

No way to find out but stay in touch and wait for our exclusive reporting from the lovely capital of Catalonia.

Source: 9To5Google

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