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Huawei may leave Android if it wants to (or has to)

By Jules Wang June 22, 2016, 7:02 pm

Google may be too big for its own good. It has an easy time of making friends, but a hard time keeping them. Samsung has its own operating system almost ready to go if and when Android seems too heavy an option to keep pursuing.

According to three sources tipping off The Information, it seems that Huawei has its plans, too. Besides developing EMUI 5.0 on top of Android with the talents of designer Abigail Brody, formerly of Apple, it has been working on its own organic software with a team from Scandinavia that includes former Nokia employees. This is all just in case Google decided to dramatically limit support for third parties or restrict what they can do with Android.


To be clear, nothing is official and Huawei does not have a position against Android. But keep in mind that Huawei has officially worked with Google’s Nexus team for the past couple of years and has a smartphone release due out this year. What signs the company sees on the inside may be different from what Google’s public face shows to us.

So, is it a sign? Or is it preparing for a once-in-a-century storm? Will Google retaliate against Huawei with this rumored disclosure?

Source: The Information
Via: Android Police


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