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It seems that smartphone OEMs are giving more attention to flexible displays. We are getting more and more foldables as time goes by, but Huawei could be planning on introducing a new design into its future smartphones.

Huawei currently offers two foldable devices, the Huawei Mate X and the Mate Xs, and we should get more smartphones with this form factor in the future. However, we may also get new devices with sliding displays, or at least that’s what these patents make us believe. Huawei has just patented two new designs for sliding displays. These smartphones would use part of the screen from the backside and extend it to the front.

The A model would include a scroller on the frame that allows the panel to extend by simply rolling on the front. The B model’s rear panel would just slide to extend the display. Now, let’s remember that these are just patents, and we can’t confirm they will arrive anytime soon, or if they will ever. Still, they would look really cool if Huawei manages to solve the crease in these foldable displays.

Source Android Authority

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