We’ve been continually disappointed by Huawei’s reticence in terms of deploying its big guns in the US. Sure, there’s that Nexus 6P, but it’s a Nexus phone — it’s not exactly a mass-market product.

However, mere hours before we officially learn of the Huawei P9 that has those fancy Leica-enhanced sensors and glass on the back, consumer branch CEO Richard Yu said to the Wall Street Journal that the US should expect a flagship launch later on this year. No details were mentioned beyond that, but with the late-year timeframe in mind, we could be seeing a potential Huawei Mate S2 or Mate 9 come into the fore.

The company has been pushing up sales globally, especially in Western Europe where Huawei’s 51 percent growth rate is more than three times faster than Apple and 25 times faster than Samsung’s. Shipments came up to 100 million — 44 percent annual growth. Q4 numbers were good enough for 8 percent global market share or third place in the mobile food chain. Consumer-side revenues rocketed up 73 percent to $20 billion in 2015 and Huawei’s Chief Executive wants to quintuple that number in five years.

Cracking into the US market will prove a bit challenging, though, for a brand whose founder is associated with the People’s Liberation Army and has telecommunications products that were essentially banned because of Chinese espionage concerns. Huawei’s still only selling its lower-end phones between its direct and carrier channels, too.

The Journal also points out that the number three spot in worldwide shipments has been traded around between Xiaomi, Lenovo and other manufacturers prior to Huawei grasping the spot. Whether or not it keeps that spot will depend on larger steps in sales growth — that will have to mean new markets.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Via: Phandroid

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