Huawei didn’t come to IFA this year just to get sales rolling on the Huawei Watch – even though we are grateful to finally get the details on that, considering we’ve been waiting since winter for sales to start. Beyond wearables, Huawei also has a new premium smartphone to introduce, and today announces the Mate S, armed with a bevy of attractive features, including one that’s bound to have Apple sitting at attention: not only does the Mate S get a pressure-sensitive touch interface, but Huawei’s even calling it Force Touch.

Force Touch on the Mate S will allow users to hard-press to zoom, trigger app-launch shortcuts, and even use the phone as a makeshift scale: just lie the Mate S down, place an item on its screen, and the phone will estimate its weight.

The Mate S also gets a 13MP camera with RGBW sensor, sapphire lens, and optical stabilization. Around front, you’ll find a high-res 8MP sensor with LED illumination (Huawei’s calling it “soft lighting” rather than a flash).

Huawei gives the phone its Fingerprint Sense 2.0 technology for improved scan times and accuracy with the integrated fingerprint scanner. A mode called Knuckle Sense helps the Mate S recognize when you’re tapping the screen with a knuckle and supports alternate input modes, like quick photo crops or access to app shortcuts.

The Mate S gets a 5.5-inch 1080p display, has a curved body that tapers down to 2.65mm on the edges, and uses a “2.5D” curved Gorilla Glass 4 screen. Look for the phone in four colors: gray, gold, champagne, and pink. A nano coating helps keep electronics dry, there’s dual-SIM support, and Huawei plans to make available a number of case options, including leather designs. Worldwide sales are set to get started soon.


Update: Force Touch may not be available on all Mate S handsets. We’re still looking for details on where it will and won’t be available.

Source: Huawei

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