If you have $1,880 to splash around for a good ‘ol muscle-phone, you would expect no compromises in specifications and design. So, if you’re in the very vocal camp that considers the display notch as popularized by the iPhone X an abomination, you’re in good company.

The Huawei Mate RS, made in association with Porsche Design, has a fingerprint sensor embedded in its display, three cameras as shared with the P20 Pro, 512GB in storage and a 2:1 quad HD FullView with no notch in sight.

Christian Schwamkrug, design director for Porsche Design, told Digital Trends that his firm had very demanding in pushing component layout, software and industrial design with Huawei. He strongly believes in a motto first coined by Ferdinand Porsche: “If you analyze the function of an object, its form becomes obvious.”

The screen of a smartphone has very explicit functions that are all conveyed to the user. To Schwamkrug, it’s all obvious to him.

When I saw the notch for the first time, I nearly couldn’t believe it. It’s disturbing, from a design philosophy. A picture is either rectangular or square, with a border line, and a clear frame format. I like symmetry. We didn’t want to have the notch, we think it’s a compromise.

Keep in mind, though, that Porsche Design’s game is all about maximizing visual appeal: it ideally wanted to keep the bumps of the triple-camera system underneath a mirror surface to keep them from being seen at all (and yet, logo haters would call out the company for the gall to feature its brutal wordmark at the bottom of the front surface). Tech companies on their individual missions have their own priorities to push certain features for one reason or another and may consider design as an obstacle to bear.

And to think that all of the P20 series smartphones have a notch.

[alert variation=”alert-warning”]Update: Huawei has reached out to clarify that the opinions of Schwamkrug are his alone and not of Porsche Design. We have modified the title of this article to reflect this[/alert]
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