Just when we thought we were all wrapped up shooting samples and writing a review script for our Mate 9 camera review, Huawei threw us a curve ball. Days ago publishing an update for this monster phone, and wouldn’t you know it, tackling some of our issues with low light camera performance while also updating the zoom feature. The more we compared samples from before the update to after the update, the more we felt it was appropriate to re-shoot most of this video.

And so we did.

New samples including, photos, RAW, wide aperture mode, color boost mode, HDR, low light, OIS test, and gigabytes of UHD video. It’s all fresh from this phablet for your enjoyment.

Dual camera sensors are hot. They’re a novel way to work around some of the space limitations on our mobile gadgets. Huawei’s approach is unique. Instead of simulating a zoom like Apple and LG, the Mate 9 features the second generation Leica sensor combo. Both cameras have the same field of view, but one captures color and the other captures light and detail in monochrome. Merging the two images together produces photos unlike anything we’ve seen from a phone, and the pair of sensors delivers the best software background blur we’ve ever seen.

Here’s our full Huawei Mate 9 Real Camera Review!

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