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We’ve been scouring Huawei’s Chinese sites for any information on new EMUI updates or any terms with “Oreo” in them. There are a bunch of people that are expecting Android 8.0 on their Mates and Honors and P-series devices and biting their nails all the while waiting. So far, we haven’t found anything.

There’s at least one hope that the Huawei Mate 9 will at least get this update and get it soon. A Geekbench 4 reading of the “Huawei MHA” shows that the device is running with Android 8.0.0. “MHA” are first three letters for “MHA-AL00,” the model number for the Mate 9. While the motherboard name is obscured — you’d usually see the processor’s part name on that line — you can see that it has 4GB of RAM and core test scores similar to other Kirin 960 devices (see header picture, device on right).

Of course, we’d rather just hear this stuff out loud than make the case that it may be, sort of, kinda happening. Huawei has pre-announced major Android and EMUI updates before. We’re surprised to be going on this long without a major bulletin.

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