Huawei Mate 8 definitely coming this year as the company’s iPhone 6s Plus rival

It feels logical to take former mobile underdog Huawei more seriously than ever now that the Chinese outfit has consolidated its spot on the global device manufacturer podium, especially with mid and high-enders on the rise everywhere. And mind you, the popularity of the Mate S and Nexus 6P hasn’t properly been measured yet.

A couple of years ago, we wouldn’t have bothered with another flagship Huawei phone rumored to go official a little too soon after the already innovative Mate S. But it sounds like there will be enough distinguishing elements between the 5.5-incher and the upcoming Mate 8, as CEO Yu Chengdong, aka Richard Yu, had no problem admitting his company plans to mimic Apple’s dual-hero strategy.

As such, the Mate S is the (jumbo-sized) equivalent of the iPhone 6s, and the 6-inch or so Mate 8 should go straight for the 6s Plus jugular. According to the big kahuna, improved endurance and style will be among the next giant’s top selling points, which sounds positively dreamy.

The Mate S stands out with a premium and robust full-metal construction, 2.5D curved glass, and super-slim 7.2mm profile, so we can’t wait to see how that beautiful ensemble might get even better for the Huawei Mate 8.

Most likely slated for a formal announcement in November, and commercial release by December, the 6-incher is further said to offer Quad HD instead of Full HD screen resolution, pack a spanking new 16nm-based Kirin 950 SoC, 3 and 4GB RAM options, up to 64GB internal storage, and provide either standard or optional Force Touch user interaction. The only problem is that type of super-high-end set of specs will probably command a “fitting” price.

Source: My Drivers
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