Huawei Mate 30 to adopt SLP, like Apple and Samsung flagships

Unnamed industry sources claim that Huawei will adopt substrate-like PCBs (SLPs) for its upcoming fall flagship, the Mate 30 series. Apple and Samsung are already using this technology, and, with the adoption of SLPs by Huawei and its large volumes, SLP manufacturers will possibly thrive. It could also push the adoption of SLPs towards mainstream and other non-smartphone applications.

SLP is a term that attempts to describe the transition of a board into a product with package-substrate-like features. The benefits of an SLP compared to a standard or HDI board include higher line resolution, better electrical performance, and the potential for space and energy-saving, which are very important in a cramped, energy-limited smartphone environment. — Source

The report claims that Zhen Ding Technology, Unimicron Technology and Compeq Manufacturing are the PCB manufacturing companies that are capable of manufacturing SLPs. It is also believed that all three have reportedly entered Huawei’s supply chain.

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