Mate 20 render

After seeing the leaked Mate 20 Pro press renders last week we started wondering about the Mate 20. Luckily we didn’t have to wonder long as today we’re getting Mate 20 renders, less than two weeks before the announcement. One of the main differences between the Mate 20 and the Mate 20 Pro is instantly visible. The screen is flat and not curved like on the Pro. The top has a tiny notch opposed to the wide one seen on the Pro. This also means that the Mate 20 will not feature the advanced face recognition technology available on the premium model.

Reports also claim that the display will not be of AMOLED sort, but rather an LCD kind. This also means there will be no in-display fingerprint scanner, and that’s visible on the back of the phone. Below what seems to be the same triple-camera arrangement you can spot a round fingerprint scanner. Speaking of the triple-camera setup, reports claim that it will be a 20MP unit on the Mate 20. The monochrome sensor will be 12MP, and the new wide-angle will have 8MP.

We can easily predict the rest of the specs. Kirin 980 processor, 4GB of RAM (at least), and multiple storage options starting at 64GB. What we don’t know for certain, at this moment, is the price Huawei will ask for the phone. A recent leak shed some light on the matter, as pricing offered to retailers by distributors has surfaced. PhoneArena believes retail prices customers will pay will be $50 to $100 higher than what you see below.

The Mate 20 is listed at Fr. 799 (Swiss Francs), which translates to around $805. Adding $50 to $100 to that would make the cheaper model expensive at $85-$900. The Mate 20 Pro on the other hand is listed at Fr. 999, which means roughly $1010. You’ll probably pay around $1100 for the Mate 20 Pro, as the report speculates. We’ll definitely find out more on October 16, when the two phones will be officially announced.

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