Fun fact: older Huawei flagships had bigger batteries than current Huawei flagships. Well, just one older Huawei flagship. The Ascend Mate 7 had a 4,100mAh battery while in recent times, the P20 Pro and Mate 10 Pro topped out at 4,000mAh. But the Chinese telecoms company is poised to outdo itself with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Rumors say that the magic number is 4,200mAh and that it’s coming this fall.

You would think that if Huawei were to put its chips on battery capacity that it would know how numbers work, right? Well, Pocket-lint was given a press release that was locked in a safe that require emoji input to decrypt. Supposedly among other things, there was a placard with a portable power pack on it. Huawei’s brand is plastered onto the piece of paper along with the battery legacy of the P10 Plus — which had a 3,750mAh battery — the Mate 10 Pro and P20 Pro.

Out of all of these “plus variants,” the P10 Plus had the smallest battery, the Mate 10 Pro grew that capacity a bit and then the P20 Pro grew it even more (despite having the same capacity as that Mate). So, what’s gonna be the next step up, as the diagram suggests? Presumably, that would be the unnamed Mate 20 Pro with its 4,200mAh battery.

Alas, the battery pack that was included was actually a Shinngo-brand 4,000mAh unit. Oh, come on.

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