Don’t hold your breath for Huawei Mate 10 Verizon carriage either, report says

Huawei’s years-long efforts to join forces with major US wireless service providers for a true American expansion of the Chinese company’s increasingly popular smartphones may have been all for naught.

Just hours before the US unlocked Mate 10 Pro got an official release date and price tag at CES 2018, reports emerged of a mysterious last-minute AT&T partnership cancelation. We then heard from a very reputable publication that unnamed members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee recently expressed their security concerns over a possible deal of this sort in a letter addressed to the Federal Communications Commission.

It remains unclear if the FCC tried in any way to intimidate AT&T into halting discussions with Huawei, but some type of “political pressure” is now quoted as the main reason why Verizon might be inclined to call off similar negotiations.

This latest development in a story that’s probably connected to spying accusations dating as far back as 2012 is unconfirmed by official sources, although Android Police has a solid track record when it comes to inside information from the mobile tech world.

Verizon was apparently planning to throw its weight behind the Huawei Mate 10 (or Mate 10 Pro) sometime in the summer initially, pushing back the release timeline to fall before strongly considering the phone’s altogether cancelation. That’s where Big Red might be standing right now, with a final decision still a ways off.

Ironically, ZTE was embroiled in the same cyber-spying scandal as its more successful compatriot, which didn’t stop AT&T from carrying the quirky dual-screen Axon M.

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