‘Full-screen’ Huawei Mate 10 billed as ‘more powerful’ than iPhone 8 after H1 2017 financial report

In case you haven’t heard, Huawei wants to overtake Apple in a couple of years, at least as far as smartphone sales volume is concerned if not profits. Now, that may sound crazy, but Samsung and Apple are the only two companies currently topping Huawei in mobile device shipments, and aiming for stagnation is never an option in this incredibly competitive business.

Besides, as unbelievable as it sounds, China’s leading smartphone vendor already eclipsed Cupertino’s global December 2016 numbers. One month does not a summer make, but it was a start, and now Huawei thinks its next flagship handset can “compete head to head against the iPhone 8.”

Check that, the mysterious Mate 10 “series” will be better than Apple’s anniversary edition iPhone, according to Richard Yu, with “much longer” battery life, “much faster” charging speed, vastly superior “photographing capability” and, yes, a “full-screen display.”

The CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, aka the smartphone, tablet and laptop divisions, obviously refused to further elaborate on the specifications of an ultra-high-end Huawei Mate 10 expected out sometime this fall. He did however tease the “launch of our own AI processor” intended to take the “intelligence” of today’s phones to the next level.

Yu’s statements after his company’s release of H1 2017 financial results also tackled “very low-end devices”, with the unprofitable entry-level market segment abandoned by Huawei in order to increase focus on mid-rangers and flagships, especially in Europe, China and Japan, “where the economy is healthy and people are able to consume them.”

If you’re wondering, yes, the Shenzhen-based tech giant reported healthy 15 percent year-on-year growth in first-half revenue, to a cool CNY 283.1 billion, or around $42 billion. But its progress is undoubtedly slowing down, it’s unclear how much of that money came from the consumer business, and profit scores remain under wraps. Also, the company “only” hopes to sell a total of between 140 and 150 million smartphones this year, compared to 139 mil in 2016. That’s… far from impressive.

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