Huawei Mate 10 Pro discounted again, this time to $650 at a single US retailer

No longer sold for 700 bucks nationwide, Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone fetches an even more reasonable $650 over at Rakuten right now. That’s courtesy of the ALT115H coupon code, which is only valid until March 30.

Of course, the Mate 10 Pro is about to be replaced as Huawei’s high handset on the totem pole, so although Best Buy, Amazon and B&H Photo Video have all gone back up to their $800 list price, that may well be lowered again soon. Unless Best Buy decides to pull the plug on the Chinese company’s products entirely, and other reputable US retailers end up following suit.

For the time being, what you should probably focus on is Rakuten’s $649.99 price provides hefty $150 savings on an impressive 6-incher with a sharp AMOLED screen, crazy thin bezels, potent Kirin 970 processor, modern Android 8.0 Oreo software, large 4000mAh battery, and especially an AI-powered Leica dual camera setup.

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro on sale for a limited time also offers 128GB internal storage space and 6GB RAM, shipping with an official one-year US warranty. And yes, is certainly a trusted seller, located in California and serving as a subsidiary of Japan-based Rakuten, Inc., one of the world’s top e-commerce companies.

Still, the question stands – should you purchase this “aging” beast, even at a $150 discount, or wait for the next one?

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