It’s alive: Latest Huawei Mate 10 event teaser promises an ‘intelligent machine’

Enough joking around from Huawei, which no longer feels the need to taunt Apple or Samsung and build pre-launch Mate 10 buzz in the process.

Recently billed as “the real AI phone”, the “EntireView” flagship headed to Munich, Germany on October 16 is all of a sudden described as “not a smartphone” in a 50-second video that looks and sounds very “Hollywoodesque.”

The world’s third largest mobile device vendor during the first half of 2017 definitely wants to put on a show for the announcement of a product that could consolidate its newly obtained second position.

This potentially game-changing gadget “sees”, “thinks” and “learns” with AI built in, maximizing the user’s productivity by closely following patterns and habits, intuitively offering help and support to become a legit “intelligent machine.”

That’s both exciting and vague enough to make us curious about the Kirin 970 “mobile AI computing platform” and preemptively excuse any inherent real-life shortcomings. After all, artificial intelligence and machine learning are incredibly important fields of development for smartphones and computers in general, but all these neat concepts still tend to feel gimmicky and experimental for the time being.

Maybe Huawei can truly take the technology to the next level in just a few weeks, making the Mate 10 (Pro) feel “alive”, brimming with the potential to “unlock your potential.” If not, at least we know it’s going to pack quite a punch, ditch bezels almost altogether, reach mind-blowing download speeds, and take sharp photos with minimal effort.

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