Huawei joins ‘Make in India’ program to locally start building smartphones next month

The world’s third most popular handheld vendor wants to boost its presence in the world’s third largest mobile market, officially adding to an already hefty list of foreign companies permitted to manufacture their gadgets on Indian shores.

That still doesn’t include Apple, while Samsung somehow manages to stay on top of the challenging, budget-focused country without planning to build anything other than humble Tizen devices around those parts in the near future.

As for Huawei, its “Make in India” enlistment has been green-lighted roughly a year and a half after negotiations with the local government began, following Xiaomi, Lenovo, Asus and OnePlus on board of an initiative merely launched back in 2014, which quickly changed the external direct investment current.

But this is actually not the first time China’s number one mobile hardware export brings money and jobs to India, laying out an initial $170 million for the early 2015 establishment of a research and development campus in Bengaluru.

The first of possibly several Huawei production plants in India, meanwhile, is to be operated in the southern city of Chennai, with the help of an international supply chain solutions company called Flextronics. And yes, locally-built Huawei smartphones will reportedly start shipping this October, i.e. in just a few weeks, with a modest goal of putting together and selling about 3 million units by 2017’s end.

Source: Reuters

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