One of the most lamented limitations of dual-camera technologies has been the implementation of image stabilization.

Optical and electronic forms of the technology are great with single camera sensors, but with two of them engaging to form one image, the slightest extra jiggle on one sensor could spell disaster in terms of final product. OIS in particular relies in part on magnetism to keep things relatively still as well.

Recent chatter between Chinese tech analysts on Weibo, though, has been encouraging for a few reasons — especially if you happen to be a photo geek.

One point of contention is that legacy photography company Leica will continue its collaboration with Huawei, certifying future smartphone cameras in the Mate 9. Leica certified the dual-camera unit on the P9, released earlier this year. One sensor took color information while the other took a monochrome image for brightness readings. Both pictures’ data combined into a single image.

Word continues that Apple, rumored to be putting out a dual-camera product in the iPhone 7 Plus this year, and Huawei are competing to implement proper dual-OIS for dual cameras first. Both companies may be able to fix previously encountered problems with dual-OIS by adding on a autofocus mechanism complementary for such a situation. Apple and Huawei are also interested in adding optical zoom to this full plate.

Current rumor is that Apple may use lenses of different focal lengths for each of its camera sensors on the iPhone 7 Plus. Infinite Loop is said to be using dual color sensors as opposed to Huawei’s color and monochrome combination. Also, it may be that one sensor on the Plus model will get OIS as well.

Whatever fruit (heh) can come out of this butting of heads is welcome fruit, indeed. Whether these talked-up improvements will come as early as the Mate 9’s release, that we don’t know. But whatever the case, — right or wrong the rumors will be — we just hope that the Mate 9 comes as fast as people say it will.

Source: Weibo
Via: PhoneArena

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