Huawei lands in Argentina with 1 peso phones

If you had six and a half cents to spend, would you be willing to wait in line for up to two days to just have a chance to get a Huawei smartphone?

Apparently, plenty of Argentines have.

The phone in question is the Huawei Y6 — not the Y6 Pro, just the Y6. It debuted in July of 2015 with a Snapdragon 210, either 1GB or 2GB of RAM and a decent battery but even today, it still goes for some 3,400 pesos ($221).

Well, as Huawei opened up its brand spankin’ new Buenos Aires offices on Friday, it decided to offer 300 units for just a single peso.

In advance of the event, people had to pre-register their interest online before being able to get in the physical line. 35,000 pre-registered for 600 possible spots — yes, even half of the line sitters who would have essentially lived in line for suns up and suns down to wait for their chance to snap a pretty-much-free phone, even some of them would walk home empty-handed.

“It was tough being here for three nights, sleeping on the street, on the ground, with no more than a thin blanket in this infernally cold weather,” said the first person in line.

The 300th person grabbed their Y6 just before 7am local time.

Huawei has been in Argentina since 2001, but it’s only recently made a major grab at mobile market share. It’s the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer and number two for the Android ecosystem.

Source: EFE
Via: Fox News Latino

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