Huawei Kunpeng 920 ARM-based server chipset launched

There’s a lot of “cutting ties” going on lately, regardless if what industry you’re looking at. Trying to depend less and less on imports, especially from the United States, China’s Huawei has announced a new chipset for use in servers. Huawei needs no introduction, it’s the company that makes most of its money by selling telecommunications equipment and smartphones, a lot of them.

Still, the Chinese phone-maker is testing the waters when it comes to cloud computing and enterprise services. The new chipset is called Kunpeng 920, and its designed by subsidiary HiSilicon, which is also the brand name you’ll find on mobile processors, like the most recent Kirin 980. It is built using 7nm technology and it’s a 64-core processor built on the ARM architecture.

Its main advantages are, as outlined by Chief Marketing Officer William Xu, “performance and power consumption”. Reuters reports that “Redfox Qiu, president of the intelligent computing business department at Huawei, said the company shipped 900,000 units of servers in 2018, versus 77,000 in 2012 when it started“.

Huawei has been under heavy scrutiny internationally, being accused of using practices which are against “national security”. Huawei has always denied any ties with Beijing and is trying to continue growing in an unfavorable international climate where more and more countries say no to its products and services, or simply ban the company from bidding.

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