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According to company CEO Ren Zhengfei, Huawei is ready to license its 5G business to a third party western rival in order to ease spying fears. Huawei would be offering said company “perpetual access” to its 5G patents, code and technical blueprints, in return of a one-time fee, Engadget reports.

According to The Economist, the plan might not go through as there is uncertainty on whether China would allow Huawei to sell off part of its most important business. On the other hand, it is unknown whether there’s a company that is interested in buying Huawei’s tech in the first place.

If, however, such an agreement could be reached, it would allow Huawei to keep its current carrier contracts, and the buyer the freedom to modify Huawei’s source code. in order to address spying concerns.

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