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Whether future Huawei phones will regain Google’s license is anyone’s guess, but the Chinese tech giant is preparing to launch its latest flagship device, the Mate30-series, at a special event this week on the 19th. If the past is of any indication, the company will continue to innovate and establish new standards and trends, like it has been historically doing.

With the P20 Pro in 2018, and cemented by the P30 Pro earlier this year, Huawei introduced a new trend with its gradient finishes on devices. Competitors have started doing the same soon after the launch of the P20 Pro in 2018, but it was this year that Samsung, Huawei’s main competition, decided to utilize gradient finishes on its flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

When it comes to photography, Huawei has always been pushing the envelope. The vertically aligned cameras on the P20 Pro and P30 Pro, as well as some of the camera features and special modes, have been of inspiration to other smartphone manufacturers.

Fast forward to today, and we’re seeing the iPhone 11 Pro models, as well as the upcoming Google Pixel 4 phones, feature a camera arrangement first introduced by Huawei last year on the Mate20 Pro. The square camera system, though offset on the iPhone 11 Pro and the upcoming Google Pixel 4, is reminiscent of the Mate20 Pro, and the Nova 5i Pro, which will later this week become known internationally as the Mate30 Lite.

…which brings us to today, as we’re looking forward with excitement to finding out what Huawei is planning for its fall flagship reveal. We’ve recently seen a massive leak of the entire line-up, and, if the rumors and reports are true, we are looking at a serious competitor for both Android flagships, as well as the current iPhones.

Pocketnow will be in Munich on September 19 and we will have coverage and commentary on everything Huawei-related, as well as device coverage in the following days and weeks.

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