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HUAWEI introduces AppGallery promotion to support businesses hit by the pandemic

By Nadeem Sarwar December 14, 2020, 12:39 pm

Over the course of the past year, HUAWEI has launched multiple initiatives to support developers and businesses that are part of the AppGallery and its HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem as a whole. Now, the company has introduced yet another program that aims to help businesses, specifically those involved in eCommerce, and other app developers that have been hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “The campaign aims to boost and support brands and enterprises in a period marked by difficult market conditions for many businesses,” says the Chinese giant.

As part of the support initiative, HUAWEI will prominently advertise certain apps and platforms on the AppGallery’s “Collections” tab, a move that shall offer more exposure to those brands and their respective offerings. Additionally, qualifying businesses and app developers will have their products listed on sliding banners that can be seen on the home page. Plus, HUAWEI will also offer free advertising worth up to €2500 to enterprises and developers whose revenue stream has been hurt by the global health crisis.


Content providers can keep 90% of the revenue generated from ad-click

For those who seek to avail the benefits of HUAWEI’s latest initiative, they have until December 31st to sign up for the program and stand a chance to gain more exposure in the face of a 36 million-strong monthly active user audience of AppGallery across the European countries. The support program is available to e-commerce businesses from the CEE and Nordics region through December 2020.

HUAWEI says it has shortlisted three class of entities that can avail the benefits of its latest initiative – eCommerce brands and businesses without any presence on HUAWEI’s app repository, businesses that have apps available on the AppGallery and are willing to upgrade to the HMS ecosystem, and existing businesses whose apps are already integrated with the HMS ecosystem. As for the specific perks of HUAWEI’s latest support program, they are listed below:

More exposure, better revenue share policy and free advertising boost.

  • Top 5 inclusion in AppGallery’s ‘Collection’ tab which features on the Home Page and highlights themed or seasonal collections of apps
  • Sliding banner ad featuring the apps on the Home Page
  • Access to AppGallery’s ‘Gift’ tab, which allows businesses to make special offers to users
  • Access to Push notifications to make consumers aware of key messages and information
  • In-country technical support team for app integration and dedicated business support to optimize the experience in HUAWEI ecosystem
  • 5 or 10 days-worth of free advertising on AppGallery worth €250 per day

HUAWEI is also letting content providers keep 90% of the revenue generated from ad-click, which is significantly higher compared to the 70% cut they get from rival platforms such as Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. HUAWEI is also making it easier to optimize the in-house Ad Kits that allows developers to monetize their service through ads by using strategies such as banners and ads in varied forms such as interstitial, roll and native to name a few. Among the brands that have already registered for the program are global food delivery service Bolt Food, Danish online takeaway portal hungry.dk and department store network Smyk.


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