While a number of Huawei phones, the Nexus 6P, P8 lite, Ascend Mate 2 and SnapTo included, can be purchased stateside nowadays directly from the manufacturer or retailers like Google and Amazon, you’d probably expect the world’s third largest device seller to take its local ambitions more seriously.

After all, China remains the biggest handheld market, and Huawei’s doing great there, but America holds the silver medal, at least until India reaches its full potential. If we are to trust the man in charge of the Honor sub-brand however, something’s being cooked up for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January, though we’re a little light on specifics at the moment.

George Zhao simply told members of the press present at a domestic Honor family celebration Europe isn’t the limit of the phones’ Western expansion goals, and so, you could be looking at Honor 7 or 7i’s spread, or perhaps the debut of an all-new Honor 7 Plus.

How about an Honor 8 coming-out party in glitzy Vegas? It’s unlikely albeit not entirely out of the question, as the Honor 7 is already six months old, requiring a couple of hardware updates if it wants to be taken seriously in a head-to-head battle against the Galaxy S7 or even S6 Edge.

Wondering why isn’t Huawei considering a Mate 8 US rollout? Well, it might, but given the tricky pronunciation and past security scandals, maybe a fresh start under a friendlier name is the wisest call. ZTE employed a similar tactic recently, mostly keeping its main brand separate of the Axon moniker, and thus far, things appear to be going well.

Source: Android Authority

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