Huawei has already sold 1.5 million Honor 8 copies, 100 mil Honor-series devices in 999 days

You may have not realized this, especially if you live in the US, where Huawei’s Honor sub-brand merely debuted commercially a few months ago, but the online-only, budget-friendly smartphone family has greatly contributed to its parent company’s global rise since 2013.

Yes, it’s way back in 2013 that Honor was born to further heat up low-cost Asian competition (for starters), impressively topping 100 million unit sales in 999 days, according to official claims from the always transparent (when it comes to box-office feats) Huawei.

That’s a rough average of 100K phones sold every day, 4,000+ an hour, 69 a minute, or more than one every second, though we presume things have been going even better lately.

Case in point, the high-end (-ish), surprisingly affordable Honor 8 has 1.5 million unit shipments under its belt, despite limitedly rolling out in China a couple of months back, then slowly expanding to the US and Europe.

If Huawei can keep the 5.2-incher’s momentum going, which shouldn’t be a problem, and if the Honor 8 more rapidly becomes widely available around the world, the sky (and the P9) is probably the limit for what it can achieve. In the grand scheme of things, 120 million total OEM sales this year also feels like a modest, worst-case-scenario objective.

Source: PlayfulDroid

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