Huawei makes Nougat update for Honor 8 officially official, stock UI included

Huawei appeared to jump the gun a little with Nougat goodies sent to the Honor 8 here and there ahead of a self-imposed February deadline, but ultimately, we’ve just been informed that the official Android 7.0 rollout is underway today, February 10, aiming for completion by the end of the month.

Unfortunately, it’s also been clarified once and for all that the Honor 6X is slated to receive its own first major software makeover during the year’s second quarter. So much for our March hopes, and don’t be shocked if optimization work takes until May or even June to reach a successful conclusion.

Back to the Honor 8, and today’s good news, there are a few interesting things to highlight as part of the official update changelog. First and foremost, we’re promised the “Nougatty goodness of stock Android”, although the proprietary EMUI 5.0 is still in the mix to add some subtle bells and whistles.

“The convenience of an app drawer” is underscored as another pivotal UI enhancement, with minor ones including a rearranged settings list, shortcut to switch between user profiles, improved security, customizable notifications and status bar, and a “design inspired by the Aegean Sea landscape.”

Of course, you also get standard Android 7.0 Nougat stuff like multi-window view, Doze on the Go or Data Saver, with calling, connectivity, hardware, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and messaging functions said to have received the best satisfaction scores in preliminary US beta testing. Okay, color us intrigued.

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