These days, Huawei’s probably in the news the most for a phone that won’t even be sold with the company’s name featured prominently: Google’s new Nexus phablet. But while that rumored device may be the most attention-grabbing, there’s plenty of other Huawei hardware we’ve been tracking, devices like the Mate 7S and maybe even Mate 8. Before any of that gets here, we’ve been looking forward to the announcement of the Honor 7i. Just as scheduled, the smartphone went official earlier today, and did so with one very unusual camera design.

Phone makers have long struggled with the seeming redundancies of handsets with separate front and rear cameras: by and large, we only need to ever use one of those at a time, so why are we taking up space and wasting money on two independent cameras? Oppo took a stab at rebalancing things with a camera that rotated from front to back, and now Huawei makes its own attempt with the Honor 7i, giving the phone a rear camera that swings up to act as a front-facer when the need arises.

That camera’s a 13MP component, offering an f/2.0 aperture. Other hardware details include a 5.2-inch full HD display, Snapdragon 616 SoC, up to 3GB of RAM, and storage options topping out at 32GB (at least with the option for microSD expansion).

Like Sony’s rumored Xperia Z5 phones, the Huawei Honor 7i scores a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Sales of the Honor 7i should begin in China for the equivalent of about $250.

Source: Huawei
Via: phoneArena

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