Huawei clarifies pledge to update Honor 6X to Android Nougat [UPDATE]

Hands down one of the world’s best sub-$300 smartphones… on paper, the Huawei Honor 6X has begun to reveal its inherent real-life limitations and compromises. Of course, nobody expected the budget-friendly 5.5-incher to be built like a tank, and it’s always wise to use screen protectors and tough cases anyway.

The $250 handheld’s other major weakness wasn’t completely unexpected either, though some folks still found it annoying that they needed to settle in 2017 for an Android flavor originally released more than a year earlier.

Not to worry, as we’ve just received official word “the new EMUI for Honor 6X will be arriving next month.” Yes, in March. And yes, we’re talking EMUI 5.0, aka Huawei’s own take on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Still quite different from the vanilla OS envisioned by Google, this has apparently been “updated based on consumer feedback”, which sounds promising. Already, the Mate 8, P9 and Honor 8 have received their share of over-the-air Nougat treats… in select markets, working smoother than ever towards a common goal of snatching Apple’s worldwide OEM silver medal away.

There’s also the Mate 9, recently launched with Android 7.0/EMUI 5.0 out the box, so the Honor 6X will soon be in good company. Just maybe don’t buy it at $250, with flash sales and various third-party deals likely to return before long.

Update: Android Police is correcting its post after an Honor spokesperson clarified that most devices will receive the update within the first half of the year, refusing to specify any further.

The March date applied only to the outlet’s review unit and was never to have been publicized. It has since apologized.

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