It’s no longer a secret the worldwide mobile hardware industry has reached a point of saturation and stagnation, with its two most popular companies in particular feeling the heat from consumers lacking incentives to upgrade on a regular basis.

Samsung lost smartphone market share for the first time in years, as the Galaxy S6 family only managed to pull in 40 million unit shipments in 2015, and the Note 5 barely crossed the 10M mark, both numbers falling short of optimistic expectations.

Meanwhile, Apple took the lion’s share of the year’s profits once again, but the striking visual similarities between the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on one hand and the 6 and 6 Plus on the other will reportedly cause the Cupertino giant’s first year-on-year sales decline in iHistory this quarter.

Going forward, the compact iPhone 5se, 5e or 6c, alongside a redesigned iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, should help Apple get things back on track, but not in such a drastic way that 2016 overall growth can be achieved.

Instead, it’s current bronze medalist Huawei that’s forecasted to post the highest surge of the year, from 108 to 120 million unit sales. Highest among the five biggest smartphone manufacturers around the globe, that is, given OPPO also expects to grow further, and rookies like LeTV clearly have more room for progress than market veterans.

Back to Samsung, mysterious “industry sources” quoted by Digitimes reckon the Korean juggernaut’s box-office figures will “stay flat” this year, despite improved efforts in the mid-range landscape and emerging markets in general. Otherwise put, the Galaxy S7 may not have what it takes to become a smash hit.

Source: Digitimes

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