Huawei Fit Review: Can it bridge smartwatches and fitness bands? (Video)

Fitness meets elegance at a first glance on the $130 Huawei Fit wearable ($105 and up now on Amazon), but we know you’ve all been wondering for the past few months just how close this thing comes to “the dream” after a bit of real-life usage.

The dream of getting the best of both worlds in one affordable wrist-worn device, that is, with always-on background heart monitoring, robust overall activity tracking functionality, as well as high-end watch and lifestyle features.

With a presumably much pricier, swankier and more polished Huawei Watch 2 right around the corner however, the Chinese OEM couldn’t exactly load the kitchen sink into the budget-friendly, touchscreen-only fitness band.

The list of strengths is actually pretty impressive… for that MSRP, including stellar battery life, a decent display easily readable in direct sunlight, great water resistance, and respectable fitness tracking capabilities.

On the not so bright side of things, the Android Wear-similar proprietary interface is, well, rudimentary in terms of handling and interacting with smartphone notifications. There’s way too much you simply can’t do on your wrist, but if you want the full deets on both Huawei Fit’s strong and weak points, you’ll need to check out our in-depth video review. Enjoy!

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