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First HUAWEI EV, the AITO M5 starts shipping with HarmonyOS

By Roland Udvarlaki March 9, 2022, 7:00 am
Source: HUAWEI

HUAWEI announced its first electric vehicle back in December 2021, called the AITO M5 (short for “Added Intelligence to Auto”). The AITO M5 is already finished, and it has only just started shipping to select dealerships to fulfill the pre-orders. According to a report, HUAWEI received at least 6,500 pre-orders in the first four days of the campaign, but the company didn’t reveal the final numbers just yet, therefore it’s hard to judge how popular it is.

Recently, Sony and Honda announced that they would make future EVs together, while Volvo started testing a new wireless charging solution to charge its electric vehicles.


The HUAWEI AITO M5 is one of the first EVs to come from a technology company like HUAWEI, and the car packs a lot of services and equipment that HUAWEI makes, such as HarmonyOS. The car is powered by HUAWEI’s HarmonyOS, and it comes with the usual applications such as maps, entertainment, and more features.

The AITO M5 is a medium-sized SUV that was jointly developed by HUAWEI and SERES, and the car is a hybrid EV, capable of running on both electricity and gasoline. The car also offers a 1.5-liter petrol-based range-extender. The 40kWh battery provides a 150km (93 miles) range, while a full tank for the extender can get you more than 1,100km (680 miles). HuaweiCentral notes that the car is equipped with a smart cockpit, and DriveOne three-electric system provided by HUAWEI.

The standard 272 hp (203 kW) model with rear-wheel drive will start at CNY 249,800 ($39,500), the all-wheel-drive 428 hp (319 kW) model will go for CNY 279,800 ($44,200), while the highest-end model with 496 hp (370 kW) with four-wheel-drive will be listed for CNY 319,800 ($50,500). ArenaEV notes that the prices are after the government subsidies. While we don’t have any official information on what other markets it will be available in, we don’t expect to see the HUAWEI AITO M5 in North America or Europe.


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