Poland is about to exclude Huawei from building its 5G network over “back door” concerns, first raised by the U.S., which would allow the Chinese government to access sensitive date. Poland is also the country that recently arrested a Huawei employee and a former Polish security official over spying charges. In order to regain trust, and in addition to constantly denying allegations, Huawei would like to build a cyber security center in the country.

We are ready to establish a cyber security center in Poland if authorities accept this as a trusted solution”, said Tony Bao, head of Huawei Poland. Such security labs already exist in Germany and Britain, where Huawei is trying to build confidence that such alleged back doors do not exist.

Additionally, Reuters also reports that Huawei’s efforts in Britain, its biggest market, might take three-to-five years to produce results. The information comes from a Huawei letter to the British government Reuters allegedly managed to take a look at. After concerns were raised last year, Huawei committed $2 billion to the cause.

Enhancing our software engineering capabilities is like replacing components on a high-speed train in motion. It is a complicated and involved process, and will take at least three to five years to see tangible results. We hope the UK government can understand this”, said Ryan Ding in a letter to the chairman of the British parliament’s science and technology committee. Ryan Ding is the president of Huawei’s carrier business group.

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