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Another phone maker may soon start using Samsung’s dual-curve Edge displays

By Stephen Schenck September 8, 2015, 10:21 am

Samsung’s early efforts with curved-screen phones may have brought us the Galaxy Round, but it was the company’s next attempt that really took off. Instead of curving the entirety of the phone’s display, Samsung instead elected to only curve the very edges. It started on one side with the Galaxy Note Edge, before evolving to the dual-curved-edge design we’ve seen in subsequent Edge models. It now looks like the next step for Samsung’s Edge-style displays is finding homes in handsets from other manufacturers, and from what we’ve heard it sounds likely that Samsung could be behind the curved-edge screen in the upcoming BlackBerry Venice slider. Today a rumor suggests that yet another OEM could be interested in acquiring some of these panels from Samsung and making its own phones with over-the-edge curved displays.

Supposedly, Huawei’s interested in OLED-based 2K-resolution curved-edge screens from Samsung for use in its own phones – displays that from the description here sound exactly like the kind Samsung’s been producing for its own Edge-series devices.

The timeline attached to this rumor claims that Huawei’s curved-screen phones using Samsung components would be higher-end devices (which only sounds fitting for hardware built around exotic parts like the one in question) and that the handsets could start landing sometime in the first half of next year. If this ends up panning out, it sounds likely that we might see some of this hardware emerge at CES or MWC in the early days on 2016.

Source: i冰宇宙 (Weibo)
Via: SamMobile

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