Huawei confirms Pixel branding was a deal-breaker, turned down Google

Huawei wants to be a renowned brand and a faceless Pixel would not help it out. But don’t take it from us — take it from the company’s Executive Vice President of the Consumer Business Group. Colin Giles disclosed to some details falling out of the company’s deal to manufacture the Nexus 6P that led to HTC making the Pixel phones.

It seems that while Google was very much satisfied with Huawei’s job on the 6P, it had its end-of-the-year mission change that essentially killed off the Nexus branding for 2016. By having a new imaging agenda with the Pixel, Google wanted Huawei to act more like an ODM than an OEM — less influence, fewer hoops, just a dumb factory executing blueprints.

Huawei, wanting to keep its developing pride, decided to decline the offer. It does keep an open mind to what Google can do to serve as an “OEM” of sorts to the US market. Whether the pair decide to couple again for a future device — if Google continues to drift its hardware mission for Android — or not, that’s for another discussion.

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