Huawei CEO: no one would dare invest in the United States

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said in a recent interview that the tactics used by the U.S. government against his company put America at risk of damaging its reputation. The U.S. is taking steps, through its allies, in limiting and eliminating Huawei from participating at building national 5G networks. More recently, the U.S. told Germany to either cut Huawei from 5G or it will cut all intel ties.

If this US administration always treats other countries, companies or individuals in a ferocious way, then no one would dare invest in the United States — Ren Zhengfei

Huawei has been constantly denying all Beijing involvement with its gear and tech. The Chines firm went as far as suing the U.S. for banning its gear. “We chose to have our voice heard at this moment because the US government considers us a threat to national security. They have to have evidence. Everybody in the world is talking about cybersecurity and they are singling out Huawei“, the CEO added.

Zhengfei said that Trump’s tactics “are all wrong”: “If he intimidates a country today, threatens a company tomorrow or wantonly arrests someone, then no one would dare invest in the United States“.

You can read the entire interview at the source link below.

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