Did Huawei just call out Samsung for the Note9 being an iteration?

Whether you’re regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note9 as “just an iteration” of the Note8 (or a Galaxy S9+ with an S-Pen), or you’re genuinely amazed by the phone, depends on what your expectations are. We’re yet to publish our Note9 review, but, without prejudging, we have a feeling we’ll be giving it the “thumbs up”.

When everyone was wondering on March 27 about why we are getting the P20 / P20 Pro instead of the P11, Huawei was clear. The P10 was getting a successor which brought so many new things to the table that it just made sense to jump the numbers all the way to 20, instead of just one digit.

The Chinese phone-maker is reminding us of that in a tweet. Huawei says they’re “all about real upgrades”, stressing the major improvements of the P20 Pro over the P10. While Samsung, the Note9, Note8, or Galaxy S devices are not specifically named in the tweet, its timing is a clear indication of what Huawei’s intentions were. August 9, 7:09PM, shortly after Samsung unveiled the Note9. “This is called a real generation upgrade”, as tweeted on Note9-day, seems pretty much like Huawei poking Samsung. What do you think?

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