The most definitive evolution of Huawei’s Mate phablets has come with the Mate 10 Pro — featuring the first 2:1 display in the series. With rumors of its impending spread to the United States, more people have been noticing the brand and anticipating what’s to come. For Europe, where the Chinese brand is already popular though weak in recent months, there’s already a well full of desire.

The company now states that pre-orders for the Huawei Mate 10 Pro in Western Europe beat its own records for “all previous” devices with more than double the numbers of reservations than it had internally forecast for. There were no numbers for this statement, but since Huawei is keen on promoting them, we may see them in due time.

Consider that the phone is €799 across the continent — that’s about $950 — and it seems even more improbable. Then again, the most expensive things are always the shiniest and as Apple has proven time and again, consumers aspire to great heights.

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