When we first heard of Huawei’s Ascend Mate and its gargantuan 6.1-inch display, we almost didn’t believe it. Since then, though, company execs have continued to make statements that appeared to confirm the model’s existence, and now we’ve got the photographic proof to back it up.

More than just big, it’s clear now that the Ascend Mate is also a bit fat, with a noticeable bulge running down its center line from top to bottom. That seems like a decidedly odd design choice, especially for a larger handset, when you’re more likely to find yourself using it while resting on a flat surface; it looks like any touch would start the phone rocking back and forth.

That oddity aside, the Ascend Mate is pretty much how we’d expect a phone like this to look, with a very simple, clean design. Even having seen it, though, we’re very curious to get our hands on one to actually try out, since this model is going to live or die based on just how awkward (or not) it’s going to be to use. We’re hoping to get such a chance at 2013’s upcoming trade shows, so it could be just a matter of weeks before the verdict’s in.

Would you be willing to give a phone the size of the Ascend Mate a chance, or is its size just an outright deal-breaker?

Source: MyDrivers 1,2
Via: Unwired View

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