Another report may add another black mark to Huawei’s reputation as a trade secrets stealer — a reputation backed by a federal lawsuit, but one that the company denies.

The Information has the story of an instance where a maker of optical heart rate monitor for the Apple Watch was contacted by Huawei to discuss a potential contract. However, the Huawei representative asked a series of questions about fine details of the product which the vendor did not answer — it’s suspected that Huawei wanted to improve its own heart rate monitor in its smartwatches.

The Chinese telecommunications company is said to have courted a supplier for the MacBook Pro’s hinge in the same fashion. It has reportedly been the subject of an FBI sting operation after it had broke product testing agreements with a diamond-infused glass vendor. And the agency is also suing the company for stealing information about (and even a piece of) T-Mobile’s “Tappy” smartphone testing robot, saying that it had an incentives scheme for employees to steal external information.

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